If a character is constantly sweet you’re going to have a problem with it. If a character is constantly monstrous and evil, you’re going to have a problem with it. It’s the balance that makes it relatable and human — and that’s what we want to see.” x

make me choose → anonymous asked: Deacon & Maddie or Deacon & Scarlett

One screencap per episode: Avery Barkley


Nashville season 2 meme—-7 scenes

"I thought you were gonna leave me for somebody better.  I’ve been so alone since I was a little kid.  I couldn’t understand why nobody loved me.  There were a lot of men around me, my mom’s friends, these older guys and they would tell me I was beautiful and to me that meant that they loved me.  It took me years to realize that I wasn’t what they loved.  I think when I feel somebody’s going to hurt me I just make sure that I hurt myself first, and worst.  Burn the house down while I’m still in it.  And Jeff, Jeff saw me for what I really am.  Trailer trash, covered in rhinestones.  I don’t deserve you, and at the end of the day I will make sure that I get what I deserve.  Nothing and nobody.  I know I need help.  But please, don’t make me be alone again."

"Hey Deacon, can I make a suggestion? Why don’t you try moving around a little bit? You’re kinda, a little stiff."

One screencap per episode:Gunnar Scott


Nashville Season 2 Meme -Scenes

I told you I was never gonna forgive you for not telling me about her 14 years ago and i’m not cause that would mean you did something wrong… You didn’t! You were just protecting our little girl, I finally get that. All I ever did was give you hell for it and i’m sorry. I’m grateful…


Nashville Season 2 meme——surprising partnerships (1/3) Avery & Deacon

"I tell you something about Avery Barkley too, that boy knows what he’s doing"